The St. Joe Company Blogger/Influencer Visit Requirements

General Requirements

  • Publishing Period – Blog and/or social media posts must be published during or after the visit, and within 30 business days.
  • Permanent Articles – Blog and/or social media posts must remain on the blogger/influencer’s account for at least one full year (12 months), following completion of the visit.
  • Usage Rights – Blogger/influencer grants The St. Joe Company usage rights for sharing photos captured during their visit on hotel’s social media accounts or website.
  • High-Res Photos – Blogger/influencer must provide The St. Joe Company with a minimum of three high-resolution images captured during their visit for use on hotel’s social media accounts of websites.

Instagram Requirements

  • In-Feed Posts – A minimum of one in-feed post per trip
  • Added-Value Posts – A minimum of one in-feed post per added-value experience provided (i.e. 1 dining experience = 1 post)
  • “Stories” – A minimum of three stories per number of nights stayed (i.e. 2 nights = 6 stories)
  • Photos – Should be taken by the influencer and must incorporate the hotel property and/or its amenities. No first-person (“selfies”) perspective. Combining different products or amenities in the same photo is up to the influencer’s discretion.
  • Tags – All photos/posts must tag the respective hotel and/or restaurant handle(s), including location tag. When feasible, the hotel’s hashtags must also be incorporated.

Social Media Influencer Disclosures

In accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s latest Social Media Influencer Disclosures, The St. Joe Company believes in full, fair and effective disclosures relating to our agreed-upon partnership. As such, we ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines when blogging, tweeting, posting on social media and third-party sites, or otherwise publishing content about our properties and offerings. St. Joe Hospitality reserves the right to monitor your compliance with these guidelines and to terminate your participation in the event of noncompliance.

  • Disclose Your Connection to The St. Joe Company. When blogging about your experience, you must disclose your “material connection” to St. Joe Hospitality – including the extent to which you were afforded any consideration, in accordance with FTC guidelines. This includes the receipt of any free services or products, in-kind gifts or special access or privileges.
  • Provide Your Honest and Truthful Opinions. Your statements should always reflect your honest and truthful opinions and actual experiences. That said, we ask that your blog content, social media posts and review or comments on third-party sites be made in good taste and be free of inappropriate language and/or any content that promotes bigotry, racism or any other form of discrimination against others based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or age.
  • Make Only Factual Statements. In an effort to accurately speak to our property, we ask that you please reference our media materials when developing content specific to our respective offerings. When in doubt about facts and figures, please contact the media representative listed above or for the latest information.